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"The album's first single, "Beautiful Love" opens with a crescendo of guitar, piano and drums before Havens' nimble voice and a chorus of ringing guitars break through the din. The song was written, Havens says, while his wife was in Mexico on a humanitarian-aid trip. "Shortly after we got married, she left to help build houses for people who were living in shanties. I was back in Dallas strumming on a guitar thinking about how people say 'love can change the world.' It's usually a cliché, but my wife was living out that ideal. That night I wrote 'Beautiful Love' for her and all the magical things that can come from love."

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---'Giving off an aura of introspection, the music sets a relaxing tone that will appeal to a vast audience.' -CM, February 2005 --- 'The Afters blend many popular musical influences with honest and worshipful songwriting on their national debut, for what makes a real winning combination.The Afters stand out from the crowd....' -Jesus Freak, February 2005 --- 'I'll tell you without reservation that this is one of the best, most exciting rock debuts I've heard in years. It's not the hype when I say that I believe The Afters are going to be the next big thing. This is the band that's hitting the ground running, and that knows instinctively how to make great music.' -Infuze e-Magazine, February 2005 ---

Yes! Here it is, the official band line up :

josh havens : guitar and vocals

matt fuqua    : guitar and vocals

brad wigg     : bass and vocals

marc dodd : drums

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