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March 2005

Following in line with their initial success in the Christian market, The Afters are receiving airplay on the college version of MTV, mtvU, with the music video for their first mainstream radio single, “Beautiful Love,” on The Freshmen, the networks’ show featuring new artists.  In addition, the music video station Fuse has committed to air the video beginning Monday, March 7 on Oven Fresh.  Videos seen on Oven Fresh are voted for viewers at http;// and those gaining the most votes continue to play the following week. The voting will start Monday, March 7 and end on Thursday, March 10 at 5 P.M. (Eastern).

November 2004
Havens’ father passed away in November 2004, and his death after a long illness brought home to him that the brokenness we experience was not the way the world was intended. “We were not created to die, to face these things, but when we die and receive God’s grace, we’ll be restored to the way He intended it to be,” he says.

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We want to encourage our listeners and ourselves to live our faith out in the world every single day—not talk about it, but back it up with our life. I hope we encourage people to live for something greater than themselves.”
We should not find our identity in things of the world, but rather in Christ. If we live with Christ in us, He will give us confidence, strength and love. In difficult times, we can feel safe and secure knowing that our lives are in the hands of the very One who created us. And His love for us is greater then our minds will ever comprehend.”

switchfoot - Dare You To Move

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